Monday, June 13, 2011

Yoga Sculpt

Tonight I went to CorePower Yoga with my friend Tricia. We enjoy the 745 class on Mon, Tues and Thursday called Yoga Sculpt. It is basically a hybrid of hot yoga, plyometrics and sculpting with weights. Think Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, yet an hour long, 108 degrees and ends with Shavassana...

The class varies each time, mixing up the mix of music, weights and muscles targeted. Some days are killer..tonight was one of those days. Jenny was the teacher and man is she intense...mountain climbers, plank rows, dips, kicks, chair pose squats, airplane arms, knee to nose, ice skaters. I had a great workout and don't even feel bad about missing my run.

I have been having a real mental issue dealing with taking a day off. Our training schedule requires 2 complete rest days/week. I think once the miles per week start adding up I will be glad to have these days, but now I just don't feel ok with taking body still craves a workout.

When I got home I snacked on some quinoa with Brummell and brown (1/4 cup quinoa). Then, I had a Hershey chocolate nugget with a tbsp.peanut butter on it...hey, can't be good every day,

Alright, off to shower and bed. I am attempting to do my 3 miles in the AM maƱana...I know I will feel better all day if I do.

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