Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Potbelly's Yummy Salads: Customize Your Skinny!

One thing I find about working out in the morning is that it revs my appetite all day. I'm not complaining, I'm just sayin', and since I had absolutely no salad supplies in the house, I went over to Potbelly's to see what they had to offer.

I ended up going with the Uptown salad. I ordered it with no onions, no blue cheese and no candied walnuts. That leaves dried cranberries (if you are looking to lessen sugar count then skip these, I personally just love them so I always add them to my salads,) grilled chicken, lettuce, grapes and apple slices.I also bought a bag of baked lays (plain) and crushed up about 3/4 the bag on top--I was craving carbs/crunch and I thought that would be a good alternative to a side of bread (side note--I love bread. I am Italian, what can I say? I would literally exist off of bread if I could...)

So, according to the nifty Potbelly's nutrition calculator, my total meal was 241 calories for the salad plus about 100 for the chips (a whole bag is 130 calories so this is an estimate but I think pretty safe to say I am close), so 341...and a giant diet coke which rings in at 0 calories, what could be better :)

(PS...Please excuse the mobile photo of my computer screen, the print screen function isn't working for whatever reason...just want everyone to get the idea of how cool Potbelly's nutritional calculator is.)

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