Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prepping For This Weekend's Indulgence

My very best friend in the entire world is turning 28 this weekend (Monday--technically). My Nonna turns 70 the same day. Two of my favorite, beloved people in the world having celebrations...what am I doing to prep aka Damage Control:

Friday night is usually a wash this summer because of early training runs on Saturday morning, however, I think I am getting a late lunch drink with some coworkers tomorrow so I need to be prepared.

Tonight I need to workout EXTRA HARD. I want to do the five factor weights for M, Tu, Thurs all tonight, plus all the abs, and my 3 mi. scheduled run. Then, tomorrow morning, egg whites and veggie bacon. That is a less than 100 calorie, protein heavy meal. Then, at lunch, a drink (hopefully a skinny version of something frozen, and a handful of whatever app we get. NO MORE. A small handful (fistful of chips and spoon of dip, use it sparingly!). Preferably I would like hummus and pita or just a grilled chicken salad, but we are going to a chain "Americana" type of place so we shall see.

Friday night I will eat some sushi rolls. I like a Tuna J, which is just tuna and jalapeno, no sauce, no mayo, no anything, tuna, rice, wrap and jalapeno. I ADORE THIS ROLL :) I may or may not also add a cucumber avocado roll, again, just veggies, wrapper and rice. I like to use low sodium soy sauce too.

This will be the perfect, satisfying, light way to carbo load/protein build for my 7 mile run on Saturday morning :) Saturday I need to wake up at 445. We leave around 530 and run starts promptly at 6 am. I will probably buy a Cliff Z-Bar, which another great blogger ( suggested and I LOVE for pre-runs. When the runs get longer I will probably have toast/bread/rice cake with peanut butter (not all 3 but one of those group of friends).

Saturday, post-run, my Nonna will be here. NKOTB is later that night, followed by the par-tay. I need to eat something that makes me feel light, full and good. I am thinking a giant salad from Whole Foods. I will write a post about those later, those are my absolute favorite things in the world, by the way...aside from teenage vampire men and dogs ;)

Sunday we are having a brunch for my Nonna by my uncle's. Whole Foods is catering it but that doesn't mean no worries, people! Just because it is good quality doesn't mean a. it is amazing for you and b. you can eat as much of it as you want. I need to watch myself because everything is going to be delish and I am going to want it all...I am going to stay mostly with raw veggies, grilled chicken or shrimps and one special dessert, oh, and Prosecco, duh :) I am thinking I won't get a workout in Sunday, either, just trying to be realistic here. It's supposed to be cross training day so, we'll see, but yeah...

Until then, I need to guzzle the electrolyte Whole Foods H20 I adore and maybe get a spray tan, if I have a spare second busy this week, but wouldn't have it any other way <3 .

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