Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prepping For This Weekend's Indulgence

My very best friend in the entire world is turning 28 this weekend (Monday--technically). My Nonna turns 70 the same day. Two of my favorite, beloved people in the world having celebrations...what am I doing to prep aka Damage Control:

Friday night is usually a wash this summer because of early training runs on Saturday morning, however, I think I am getting a late lunch drink with some coworkers tomorrow so I need to be prepared.

Tonight I need to workout EXTRA HARD. I want to do the five factor weights for M, Tu, Thurs all tonight, plus all the abs, and my 3 mi. scheduled run. Then, tomorrow morning, egg whites and veggie bacon. That is a less than 100 calorie, protein heavy meal. Then, at lunch, a drink (hopefully a skinny version of something frozen, and a handful of whatever app we get. NO MORE. A small handful (fistful of chips and spoon of dip, use it sparingly!). Preferably I would like hummus and pita or just a grilled chicken salad, but we are going to a chain "Americana" type of place so we shall see.

Friday night I will eat some sushi rolls. I like a Tuna J, which is just tuna and jalapeno, no sauce, no mayo, no anything, tuna, rice, wrap and jalapeno. I ADORE THIS ROLL :) I may or may not also add a cucumber avocado roll, again, just veggies, wrapper and rice. I like to use low sodium soy sauce too.

This will be the perfect, satisfying, light way to carbo load/protein build for my 7 mile run on Saturday morning :) Saturday I need to wake up at 445. We leave around 530 and run starts promptly at 6 am. I will probably buy a Cliff Z-Bar, which another great blogger ( suggested and I LOVE for pre-runs. When the runs get longer I will probably have toast/bread/rice cake with peanut butter (not all 3 but one of those group of friends).

Saturday, post-run, my Nonna will be here. NKOTB is later that night, followed by the par-tay. I need to eat something that makes me feel light, full and good. I am thinking a giant salad from Whole Foods. I will write a post about those later, those are my absolute favorite things in the world, by the way...aside from teenage vampire men and dogs ;)

Sunday we are having a brunch for my Nonna by my uncle's. Whole Foods is catering it but that doesn't mean no worries, people! Just because it is good quality doesn't mean a. it is amazing for you and b. you can eat as much of it as you want. I need to watch myself because everything is going to be delish and I am going to want it all...I am going to stay mostly with raw veggies, grilled chicken or shrimps and one special dessert, oh, and Prosecco, duh :) I am thinking I won't get a workout in Sunday, either, just trying to be realistic here. It's supposed to be cross training day so, we'll see, but yeah...

Until then, I need to guzzle the electrolyte Whole Foods H20 I adore and maybe get a spray tan, if I have a spare second busy this week, but wouldn't have it any other way <3 .

Eating A lot Early On...

I woke up ravenous (shocker...IDK what is my problem lately) and ate a handful of cashews (100 cals) and grabbed a handful of cereal from trail mix (50 cals). Next, I made 2 pieces of veggie bacon (60 cals) on a brown rice, sodium-free rice cake (35 cals) with 1/4 cup shredded low fat cheese (45 cals). I put all in the micro for ten seconds (after I already cooked the bacon for 1.5 minutes in microwave alone. Yummy yum yum GOODNESS! Bacon does make everything better--even FAKEn'. =TOTAL 290, BREAKFAST

Then, once at work, I had a Venti black iced coffee from Bucky's. I also had a baggie of Kashi maize cereal  (150) and half a banana (50 cals). =TOTAL 200, SNACK

I had a meeting during lunch, so on the way back I stopped and got a bag of 100 cal serving size pop chips (salt-n-pepper) and a Coke Zero at CVS. When I got back to the office, I ate the salad I made last night which consisted of:

Grape Tomatoes
1 Whole Cucumber Sliced (30 cal.)
Baby Spinach, Raw (15 cal.)
1/4 c. Reduced Fat Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese from Whole Foods (45 cal.)
1 Shredded Ezekiel brand wrap (80 cal).
chipa (100 cal.)


I sprinkled the pop chips into the salad (told you I love 'crunch') and enjoyed!

For dessert I had a Greek Yogurt, Vanilla Flavored (110 cal.) with half a choco/ob/coconut kashi bar in it(100 cal.).=210 TOTAL, DESSERT

That puts me at 970 for the day. After work I am going to the gym to run and do weights (3 mi is on the schedule today) and also grab a salad or a sushi roll fromn Whole Foods. This is higher than I wanted to be at for today but oh well, like I said, it's been an off week for me :(

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So, of course, today was a nasty, nasty day. Damn you June in Chicago, DAMN YOU!!

It was pouring. LITERALLY. I slipped. LITERALLY.

I had to go to the gym at 5:30 AM to run because I am really trying to get miles in before work-it just works better for me for 2 reasons: 1. I feel less anxiety and worry throughout the day and 2. When summertime Chi finally hits (like it sort of did last week), I will get the runs out of the way before it gets sweltering, so it is better to be on a schedule now. Win-Win.

The gym sucked. It always sucks. X-Sport is a giant, badly-lit, over-crowded and under-maintained super gym. There were a bunch of people there doing super annoying workouts (hello middle-aged lady in an aluminum jacket)..

My run also sucked. It was excruciating to do 3 miles. I had to pause a million times and it took me about a minute longer than yesterday to do .07 less...blah. I know everyone has bad days but I literally left the gym feeling worse than when I got there...and now my knee hurts from my slip in the mud en route to the garage this morning.

Last night I went grocery shopping and stocked up on fruit, veggies and proteins at Whole Food (&Target).
I made a salad for lunch which was composed of spinach, reduced fat feta, 1/4 cup quinoa, 1 whole cucumber diced, and a few mini grape tomatoes all marinated in Fat Free Zesty Italian dressing and one bag of tuna (side note--I HATEEEE canned tuna. I have something with the can/metallic taste it produces. I will only eat it from the pouches they sell, preferably Sunkist).

In addition to my salad, I had a protein pack from Bucky's. I ate a small piece of muesli multi grain bread, 2 apple slices and 5 grapes. It also comes with peanut butter and white cheddar cheese, however, I skipped over that.

For a snack, I had a sugar free jello pudding (choco/vanilla swirl) and a nectarine. I have also had two Venti iced coffees, one black and one with literally a tbsp. of skim was at 9 am, the other was at 1 pm...hey, how do you stay awake when you get up at 5 am??'

I am supposed to go to yoga with Tricia tonight. I bought a 10-class pack on Monday for $165. It is so worth it and it makes me go more when I purchase them in packages. Tonight, the only class we can make is the 7 pm C1. On Wednesday, that is the last class of the night at our location, which also sucks because it isnb't my favorite but I know I will feel great afterwards so I am going to push on through with visions of Vegas in August in my head :) Wish me luck on all those Chattarungas and reversed warriors...aye yay yay..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Potbelly's Yummy Salads: Customize Your Skinny!

One thing I find about working out in the morning is that it revs my appetite all day. I'm not complaining, I'm just sayin', and since I had absolutely no salad supplies in the house, I went over to Potbelly's to see what they had to offer.

I ended up going with the Uptown salad. I ordered it with no onions, no blue cheese and no candied walnuts. That leaves dried cranberries (if you are looking to lessen sugar count then skip these, I personally just love them so I always add them to my salads,) grilled chicken, lettuce, grapes and apple slices.I also bought a bag of baked lays (plain) and crushed up about 3/4 the bag on top--I was craving carbs/crunch and I thought that would be a good alternative to a side of bread (side note--I love bread. I am Italian, what can I say? I would literally exist off of bread if I could...)

So, according to the nifty Potbelly's nutrition calculator, my total meal was 241 calories for the salad plus about 100 for the chips (a whole bag is 130 calories so this is an estimate but I think pretty safe to say I am close), so 341...and a giant diet coke which rings in at 0 calories, what could be better :)

(PS...Please excuse the mobile photo of my computer screen, the print screen function isn't working for whatever reason...just want everyone to get the idea of how cool Potbelly's nutritional calculator is.)

Waking Up...Not Just Hard To Do--It Plain Old SUCKS.

So, starting at 5 am this lovely Tuesday morning, my alarm started going off. Snooze, snooze, snooze until 5:30. Then I finally convinced myself it would feel better overall if I bit the bullet and went for a run before work. Thank GOD I laid out my clothes the night before, everything down to the socks and iPod arm band....makes it so much simpler to not make excuses with yourself.

Today's training called for 3 miles, so 3 miles is what I did (3.07 to be exact). I have been using the Map My Run app because I haven't bought, or should I say decided upon, a running watch yet. My total run took 25:17, a time I feel really proud of and makes me even more motivated to get up early tomorrow :)

I am going to have to go to Whole Food tonight because my breakfast was a mish mash of things in the house. That's always what gets you, lack of preparedness leads to nibbling on things you don't even want!

I started pre run with a handful of cashews, whole non salted from Whole Foods. Post run I made a bowl of oatmeal with just water (140 calories). However, an hour later I felt hungry...probably a combo of my fast run and also my late night Yoga Sculpting before I cut an Ezekiel wrap in half and put natural Earth Balance brand peanut butter on it...nom  nom nom.

When I got to work I had a hot coffee with half a creamer (we went through McDonald's drive thru this AM and they don't have skim milk--however, if you really don't want cream, you can buy a kids sized 2 percent milk chug and add it to your coffee--I usually do this but I was getting a ride with friends and wanted to minimize difficulties). I also had a Kashi coconut and chocolate bar (130 cals).

I always need a little something "indulgent" with my coffee.

All in all, a good morning. My jeans should feel like they did in no time...I hope :) PS..If you are looking for a jam to get you running faster, "Trip to Your Heart" off of Britney's latest CD is great...I just let my whole Britney playlist go this morning and look at that time :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Yoga Sculpt

Tonight I went to CorePower Yoga with my friend Tricia. We enjoy the 745 class on Mon, Tues and Thursday called Yoga Sculpt. It is basically a hybrid of hot yoga, plyometrics and sculpting with weights. Think Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, yet an hour long, 108 degrees and ends with Shavassana...

The class varies each time, mixing up the mix of music, weights and muscles targeted. Some days are killer..tonight was one of those days. Jenny was the teacher and man is she intense...mountain climbers, plank rows, dips, kicks, chair pose squats, airplane arms, knee to nose, ice skaters. I had a great workout and don't even feel bad about missing my run.

I have been having a real mental issue dealing with taking a day off. Our training schedule requires 2 complete rest days/week. I think once the miles per week start adding up I will be glad to have these days, but now I just don't feel ok with taking body still craves a workout.

When I got home I snacked on some quinoa with Brummell and brown (1/4 cup quinoa). Then, I had a Hershey chocolate nugget with a tbsp.peanut butter on it...hey, can't be good every day,

Alright, off to shower and bed. I am attempting to do my 3 miles in the AM maƱana...I know I will feel better all day if I do.

Daily Food Log: Monday No Funday

Ugh...up a few pounds since March is no fun. Nipping it in the bud is even LESS fun. So, starting today, back to a stricter, leaner, more protein/whole grain diet ( a la five factor). The important thing this time is making sure I don't limit carbs too much, I need energy to run, running is my top priority this summer.

This morning I started with what is going to sound disgusting, but to be honest, it is the best start to the day when I am doing a strict phase: the good ole plain grilled chicken breast. After eating that in the AM, you don't feel hungry or crave anything because it isn't too salty or too sweet...its just...chicken...plain old boring...chicken.

By lunchtime I was getting hungry, so I went to Whole Foods. I made a salad with chick peas, real peas, cucumbers, detox vegan oil-free salad (a mixture of different veggies with sea salt and lime juice, it is a premade offering at their salad bars), detox oil-free sunrise blend quinoa and Green Goddess dip (20 calories/1 g fat/1 carb per 2tbsp.). I was also craving some fruit, so I had a banana and the blueberry/black/raspberry pre -washed/cut mixture.

About an hour later I had a Kashi Chocolate Covered Coconut bar and a venti iced coffee from Starbucks with skim milk...nom nom nom.

Sitting down for 8 hours a day tends to cause me to become snackier than normal, so in between I sip on bottles of the Electrolyte Enhanced Water from Whole Foods (365 brand) and Vitamin Water Zeros...LOVE THOSE THINGS.

After work, I am going to Yoga Sculpt at CorePower Yoga. I absolutely LOVE this place and that class really kicks ass. Today is supposed to be a rest day, and as run distances increase, I will honor that. However, I feel confident that this week's performance will not be derailed by not resting since it only calls for 3-3 mil runs.