Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Waking Up...Not Just Hard To Do--It Plain Old SUCKS.

So, starting at 5 am this lovely Tuesday morning, my alarm started going off. Snooze, snooze, snooze until 5:30. Then I finally convinced myself it would feel better overall if I bit the bullet and went for a run before work. Thank GOD I laid out my clothes the night before, everything down to the socks and iPod arm band....makes it so much simpler to not make excuses with yourself.

Today's training called for 3 miles, so 3 miles is what I did (3.07 to be exact). I have been using the Map My Run app because I haven't bought, or should I say decided upon, a running watch yet. My total run took 25:17, a time I feel really proud of and makes me even more motivated to get up early tomorrow :)

I am going to have to go to Whole Food tonight because my breakfast was a mish mash of things in the house. That's always what gets you, lack of preparedness leads to nibbling on things you don't even want!

I started pre run with a handful of cashews, whole non salted from Whole Foods. Post run I made a bowl of oatmeal with just water (140 calories). However, an hour later I felt hungry...probably a combo of my fast run and also my late night Yoga Sculpting before bed...so I cut an Ezekiel wrap in half and put natural Earth Balance brand peanut butter on it...nom  nom nom.

When I got to work I had a hot coffee with half a creamer (we went through McDonald's drive thru this AM and they don't have skim milk--however, if you really don't want cream, you can buy a kids sized 2 percent milk chug and add it to your coffee--I usually do this but I was getting a ride with friends and wanted to minimize difficulties). I also had a Kashi coconut and chocolate bar (130 cals).

I always need a little something "indulgent" with my coffee.

All in all, a good morning. My jeans should feel like they did in no time...I hope :) PS..If you are looking for a jam to get you running faster, "Trip to Your Heart" off of Britney's latest CD is great...I just let my whole Britney playlist go this morning and look at that time :)

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