Monday, June 13, 2011

First Long Run

Last Saturday was the first morning of the CARA ( Marathon Training Program.

This will be the first marathon I have ever entered and trained for. In fact, the farthest distance I have ever run is about 8 miles. I am in good shape, work out anywhere from 5-7 days a week and incorporate hot yoga and the Five Factor Fitness plan into my workout regiment. This, however, is going to take my routine to a while other level.

We meet every Saturday to do the week "Long Run" at Monroe Harbor at 545 am. I ran with the 10:30 pace group this past weekend, but will be moving to the 10:00 this upcoming weekend--more on that later.

The run was 6 miles--CARA uses the Hal Higdon Marathon training schedule, one of the best in the field. It seemed fairly easy, although it was kind of misting and chilly...but 6 miles felt good...however, remind me I said this when I get to 15...or even 9!

I am running for a charity, to raise money for Team PAWS Chicago, an awesome no-kill shelter here in the Chicago land area. I love animals and if I could I would open a sanctuary...however...I cannot, so this is the next best thing :)

My friend Meghan is running with me and this is also her first experience training for and running a Marathon. We are scurrrred but I know we can do it.

This blog is going to journal our next 18 weeks of getting into shape, training both mentally and physically, for the hardest physical feat either of us has ever attempted. Get excited. Oh, and I will probably write  a little bit about my social life, my food journey and also my Weimaraner, Koukla.

Thanks for reading and please, never hesitate to leave comments, dialogue is everything people!

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